The time is drawing closer and closer for the pilgrimage and it is time for logistics.  No, not UPS, but I do understand their pleasure in logistics.  Time for some detail work.  Much of the big details were decided last year about his time.  When can we leave?  When will we return?  Will we have a rest day?  Will we take a side trip or two?  Other decisions were do we carry our packs or send them ahead.  How do you build stamina?  How often do you practice?  How will we get to the starting point?  How will we get to the airport?

Additionally, I had to make other decisions, apart from my group.  Where do I go after the pilgrimage?  Do I walk a second pilgrimage?  And in getting from there to somewhere else, how will that happen and where will I stay?  Down to the ultimate decision, when do I return to the US and Louisiana?

I do love all the details.  For me, planning the details leave more room for God.  I can attend to the world around me, when the details which have the potential to distract, are handled.  This creates moments for thin place discovery.


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