Snow day

Don’t laugh. We had a snow day. Actually we had two snow/ice days. One of them legitimate and the other sort of a pre-false alarm. And I know it sounds absurd that less than .5 inches of snow should bring an entire community to a halt, but understand we don’t have the skills or equipment to deal.

We were threatened with it beginning on Monday – simply to prepare for the worst. Most folks went on bread and water surges at the store. I went ahead and alerted all my students via our course management system of what the plan was should classes be cancelled. Late Monday afternoon a neighboring school district cancelled school for Tuesday. And I told my friend, from Connecticut that we would not have classes on Tuesday. The rationale is easy, my students have children in school, if their kids are not in school, my students can’t come to school. Sure enough, about 6 p.m. We received word. Our local school board never cancelled and good call on their part. The snow and ice began about 330 p.m. So Tuesday was preparation for the Wednesday real deal, when classes were also cancelled.

It was legitimate. We can’t drive on ice. We don’t have the equipment to clear the ice. We wait until it warms up enough to melt the ice.

I hold that a snow day is God’s way of saying I know that you are swamped. I know that you need extra time. Here is an 8th day. And so I spent two days at home working on school paperwork that could not have otherwise complete.

Not entirely sure it was a thin place. But it was a blessing.



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