Night out on the town, sort of

I have rented out part of my home to a friend who is attending culinary school. This works out for me on so many different levels, not the least of which is a designated “night out on the town, sort of.” Because she is in culinary school and not from Louisiana, she is interested in tasting the variety of foods we have here. Hence, we have designated Saturday evenings restaurant night. We have compiled a list of local area restaurants, based on my experience or recommendations of others, that she must visit while in Northwest Louisiana. The type of food or the venue doesn’t really matter, just that it has been recommended based on having good food, and perhaps the quality of the beer.

Most Saturday’s have gone off without a hitch.

We have visited Sonic (they don’t have any in the part of the US she is from), and done “drive in “style” dining.

We have done traditional Southern fried foods. Catfish. Pickles. Jalapenos. First from Shane’s, and then Cypress Inn is on our list.

We have done pizza at Rotolo’s, along with a beer launch by a friends new brewery. Go Red River Brewing.

We have done muffaletta’s at Notini’s and a few other random places, but nothing compares with Central Grocery.

We have done Mexican in a couple of places, but El Mariachi is the favorite, primarily because they know us and make recommendations.

We have done gumbo, crawfish ettouffee and jambalaya at Marilynn’s Place. All good. All portions big enough for two or three meals.

And sometimes we run into a hitch which ultimately turns out much better as a result. Had planned to go have Italian at a place on the Boardwalk, which upon our arrival we discovered it was no longer in business. A quick use of an iPhone app, reminded me that nearby was a small, local Italian restaurant, L’Italiano. Oh yeah, mouth full of awesomeness.

Now restaurant nights have not been limited to just local places. We enjoyed real Texas bar-b-Que (real Arkansas bar-b-Que) is on the list. We stopped at Burge’s in Lewisville AR. How could you not! We did real Greek food in Galveston. Oh, yeah. Some of the best.

And the list has several more places on it.

It makes for fun, and folks want to know what’s on the list. 


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