Yes, there is cuteness in my house with the ever growing Roux. But there is also exuberance. Extreme exuberance. She dashes across the floor, excited to take her next drink of water. To crunch her next bowl of kibble. To destroy her next cardboard box. Everything demands all out joy. She throws her little (not so much) white feet into the air and scurries across the room. Her back legs seem to follow in unison, creating a rocking horse motion. Her smallness (now) echoes across the floor and carpeted areas causing me to wonder if “Thumper” might not have been a better name. In the span of thirty minutes she has raced up, and plopped down the stairs about 8 times. It exhausts me.

Better still, it exhausts her. For 30 minutes of exuberance leads to two hours of napping. The house falls strangely, and suspiciously, silent. Maybe this is better than busyness. Could we, could I be exuberant for a short time, taking absolute joy and pleasure from this one moment, and then recharge? Would the world even allow us this? Busyness causes me to need a chart to tell me where I am supposed to be on a daily basis, and then drag myself up and down the stairs to the appointed location. Perhaps exuberance is knowing that at this moment, I am required here, to be joyful with these people, and then move on. Maybe the thin place is being caught up in the exuberance rather than the busyness.


One thought on “Exuberance

  1. I keep waiting for my exuberance to come back, I think it left and I’m unable to find it.:) Thanks for allowing me a glimpse into your life.

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