Sunday, Children’s message

It is my great and profound privilege to share the Children’s message each Sunday.

I don’t say that tongue in cheek.  That is absolutely the most holy moment of each week for me.

I am not a supporter of removing children from worship.  Children’s church was not created for children, but for adults.  There are very few churches that do children’s church well enough to justify removing them from worship.  Mostly it is an extended play time, giving parents and preachers a break.  And I know that I will ruffle some feathers “oh, we do a good job” “oh, little children can’t sit through worship,” or “oh, they won’t understand what goes on it worship,” but the bottom line is that we are raising generations of kids that don’t understand what goes on in worship, because they have never attended a worship service.

But, if we are going to remove children from worship, I am going to make sure that they know what goes on in worship.  Do you recall being a child, and your parents had guests over to the house, and you got sent to bed?  I do.  And what I remember most was thinking, what are they doing that I can’t remain in the room?  That’s what kids think when we send them out of worship, we as adults are doing something they we don’t want them to know about.  So I fashion a message for them, on their level, based on the Biblical text being used by the preacher to share a message with them, for them.

And that is a thin place.


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