Packing for a long journey…

The group that I am walking the Camino de Santiago with are taking the easy road. We are not carrying our possessions on our backs while walking. We will only be carrying day packs, with the major portion of our luggage being sent ahead. But early in the planning process I was considering the longContinue reading “Packing for a long journey…”

Physical preparation for the Camino

I have been doing all sorts of things to prepare for my Camino walk later this year. One of those preparatory actions has been the physical preparation. Granted I am not walking the Camino de Frances which is about 500 miles, only a mere 110 miles in about 10 days. But still… I am aContinue reading “Physical preparation for the Camino”

The Journey begins here

 It is my great joy to spend quite a bit of time during the school year with the confirmands of the church that I serve. Our confirmation class meets during the sixth grade. Sixth grade is the perfect time for confirmation. These children have just entered middle school, and their whole world is changing. TheyContinue reading “The Journey begins here”